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Advanced legal services in virtually any area of corporate law in order to meet the needs of each company it represents.

Trusted Alternative for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Brian L. Hermes & Associates, PLLC is an outsourced general counsel law firm with a fixed fee billing model. We exist to provide an alternative for small to mid-sized, privately held businesses which:

1) don’t need–or can’t afford–in-house counsel on a full-time basis, or 2) aren’t interested in paying for legal services by the hour.

The principal, Brian L. Hermes, has 14 years of experience as a corporate generalist both at a law firm and as Vice President and General Counsel of a half billion dollar, multi-national corporation. From his unique vantage point, he was able to determine that there is a need for companies to have access to quality legal counsel at an affordable price. Brian L. Hermes & Associates exists to fill this gap.

Quality Legal Counsel at an Affordable Price

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