The Firm provides advanced legal services in virtually any area of corporate law in order to meet the needs of each specific company it represents. The following are examples of services we have provided in the past:
Legal Oversight – Responsibility for maintaining corporate formalities for all entities under corporate umbrella. This includes registrations, state filings, annual minutes, etc.

  • Contract Review and Negotiation – Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating all types of contracts and negotiable instruments. Representative contracts include: confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, real and personal property sale agreements, real and personal property lease agreements, domestic and international supplier agreements, license agreements, IT hardware, software and support agreements, special event agreements, staffing agreements, settlement and release agreements, credit agreements and other debt instruments.
  • Litigation Management – Oversight of all litigation, workers compensation claims, product claims and risk and regulatory compliance. This includes oversight of outside counsel (when necessary), interaction with insurance brokers and providers, cost-benefit analysis associated with claims, and presentations to the Board or executive management.
  • Intellectual Property – Analyzing and applying for federally registered trademarks and copyrights, and the milestones associated with the same.
  • Labor Relations – Analyzing, reviewing and investigating labor related issues. Drafting and review of employee handbooks and associated policies. Guidance related to 401K plans and other employee benefit programs.
  • Board Liaison and Advisor – Participation in Board, Executive or Audit committee meetings. Responsible for drafting appropriate communications to the Board or equity sponsors, including Board books and Board minutes.
  • Nonprofits – Filing for and maintaining nonprofit status for public charities and private foundations. Active participant in multiple charities as Board member, officer and legal advisor.
  • Counselor – In addition to all of the categories noted above, Brian has found significant value in just being available as another “thinker” in the room. Whether it is in person, on the phone, or by email, the Firm would be available to help the executive team think through the day-to-day issues they face when running a business. Often, when dealing with an hourly fee arrangement, this is the first area that gets eliminated from the legal budget because of cost concerns. But it can also be the most valuable. The Firm’s fixed fee billing model is intended to eliminate this concern so that the client feels free to communicate with counsel on a regular basis.

The fee for any engagement would be based upon the needs of your company. In addition to giving a fixed rate that can be easily budgeted each month, the engagement essentially results in an “all-access pass” for the time and attention of legal counsel. To ensure that the client is benefiting from the arrangement, the Firm keeps track of its time so that it can be compared to the budget at the end of the year. If the hours are significantly more or less than anticipated, we can adjust it at that time. While the Firm cannot guaranty any results, experience tells us that your effective hourly rate for attorney time will be far less than the standard hourly rates most firms charge today.